Donatello, David, 1430


The subject of this sculpture is David and Golaith of the Old Testament. People are being threatened by Golaith "a giant man" who is over 9 feet tall. He was dressed with a bronze hat and mail sac that weighed over 125 pounds. Golaith was threatening the Israelites and demanded that they send someone who was brave and tough enough to fight him. The entire Israelite army is afraid becasue they do not have any person who is big enough to fight him. But a young boy named David asserts himself. Although his father and everyone else says that there is no way he can go fight him. David claims that he has fought many wild animals that have tried to attack his flock. His father finally agrees and dresses him in armor but he then takes it off. When David faces Golaith he says to him "you have come to me with a sword and spear but I come to you in the name of the LORD" David kills Golaith with one hit of a rock to his forehead.
The people of Florence identified themselves with David because they too had defeated their enemy (The Duke of Milan) with help from the LORD. David was the first large scale, free standing statue of the Renaissance.

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One of Donatello's most famous pieces of art, "David", is notable as the first unsupported bronze sculpture of a nude male that was made during the Renaissance. About 180 centimeters or a little over 6 feet tall, the statue now stands in Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence. In the statue, David is holding a sword and standing with his arm on his side. To find the three websites I used as resources, I searched "Donatello's David 1430" in Google. One of the sites that came up was Wikipedia. I know that Wikipedia is not always reliable, so I went to the sources they had and used some of those.
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