Leonardo da Vinci, Virgin on the Rocks, 1485
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MLA Citation "Virgin on the rocks." Virgin on the rocks. Loadstar, 3 June 2006. Web. 16 Jan. 2010. <http://www.lairweb.org.nz/leonardo/rocks.html>.
Reason to use source
It provided me the information about the people in the painting along with background information about the artist himself
I went to Google.com and typed in Virgin on the Rocks.I then clicked on the second link to took me to lairweb.org and it was very helpful in finding background information on the painting of Virgin on the Rocks. The site gave me most of the information that was used in our project.

MLA Citation
Renaissance and Reformation handout
Reason to use source
i used this source because on the back of the handout there is a bunch of things that Renaissance art should have in it such as Renaissance art should magnify and elevate man.
1. Humanism made people express themselves
2. Art should magnify and elevate a man
3. A painting should be realistic
4. There can be nudity

Reason to use source
this source is good becaus it gave me much detail on the art work


Description of the Image/story

Discussion of Humanist Themes

The painting of the Virgin on the Rocks displayed a very religious meaning. While the painting looks very human, the painting is of the Virgin Mary mother of Christ. In the painting the figures are Virgin Mary, Jesus as a child, John the Baptist as a child, and the angel Uriel. The church had a strict contract on the artist Leonardo da Vinci he had to keep the painting religious by having the virgin Mary in it but without a halo or appearing in heaven instead the church wanted the painting to appear as earth bound as possible. the church wanted people to have a more humane aspect of Jesus, Mary, and John. there isnt much symbolism to this piece of artwork. their isnt much symbolism to this art because the church gave leonardo strict rules at what the painting should look like. the only symbolism that could be found is that in dan brown, the author of the divinci code thinks that mary is holding a head in her left hand and uriel's finger looks like she is slitting the throat of the head. this symbol is very far fetch but is the only type of symbolism that can be found in this painting.

In the painting Virgin of the Rocks, there are many humanist themes. Since this painting was made at the time of the Renaissance it come expected that there would be humanist themes. One theme that is found in this painting is that the painting is realistic. This is a humanist theme because during the Renaissance most paintings showed people very realistic. This painting definitely shows realism because every bone in Jesus and john the Baptist are very realistic and are painted very well. Another Renaissance theme in the painting Virgin of the rocks is that Jesus and John the Baptist are nude, and nudity in a painting was very common during the renaissance. That is how the Virgin of the Rocks has humanist and renaissance themes.